Environmentally Conscious.
Ethically Made.

Environmentally Conscious. Ethically Made.


We've designed our production model to provide work for people that may have limited options due to time, transportation, or mobility. Our human powered production has little to no impact on the environment.


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Our toys are shipped all over the country. However, we endeavor to coordinate our rope sources and toy creators so that there is minimal transport before the final product is shipped to you. That way we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible


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By re-using retired climbing rope, we’re keeping it out of landfills. This allows us to make a toy that doesn't require as much energy, or resources as a toy made from scratch.


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We are citizens of the world and everyone deserves a means to provide for themselves no matter where they live. However, by having our toys made here in America we know they aren't being produced by oppressed people in unacceptable working conditions.

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We know how lucky we are and we know how lucky our dogs are. So we think it's important to support animals in need. Every tenth toy we make along with a portion of all sales are donated to a shelter in need. We also work with them to help get dogs adopted.


Can other dog toys say that?